Items sólo en venta en el territorio de Chile, excepto lanzamientos de Ancestral Terror.
Items for sale just in Chilean territory except Ancestral Terror releases.
Any inquiries ask to the email ancestralterror@outlook.cl


015 AGARES (Chi) "Forgotten Land" Demo Tape $3.000
014 SARGEIST (Fin) "Let The Devil In" Album Tape (edición oficial licenciada//oficial licensed edition)- Disponible ahora//Out now
013 EVIL MADNESS/INFANT DEATH (Chi/Nor) Split Tape $3.500
011 OSSEOUS (Chi) "Life After Death" Demo Tape $3.000
010 HERETIC EXECUTION (Bra) "Evil And Doom" Tape Ep $3.500 (ultimas copias//last copies)
009 HELLRIPPER (Sco) "The Manifestation of Evil" Ep Tape $3.500 (ultimas copias//last copies)
008 BUTAMACHO/LAPIDATION (Chi) Split Tape $3.500 (temporalmente agotado//temporarily sold out)
006 SHAMBLES (Thai) "Black Candles Magnetic Doom" $3.500


016 INFERNAL VISION (Chi) "Thanatos Rage" Demo Tape
0?? SOULCRUSHER (Chi) "Death Rides Tonight" Demo Tape
0?? WARGOAT (Gre) "Genesis Of Epiklesis" Album Tape
004 PENTACLE (NL) "Ancient Death" Re-release (última edición de 100 copias//Last batch of 100 copies)
0?? DO SKONU (Ukr) "Cold Streams Of Death" CD
0?? GENOCIDE KOMMANDO (Port/Fra) "Black Metal Supremacy" CD (edición oficial licenciada//oficial licensed edition)


AASGARD (Gre) "Nekriki Mistagogia" $6.000 (Lower Silecian)
ABYSME (USA) Strange Rites Cd $8.000 (Hellthrasher)
AMONG DISASTER (Ven) "Ecclesiastical Damnation" $8.000 (Necronausea)
ANHEDONIA "Der Schrei Der Natur" $6.000
ANIMUS MORTIS (Chi) "Thresholds of Insanity" $6.000 (Debemur Morti)
ASSAULTER (Aus) "Boundless"$6.500(Poison Tongue)
ASTROFAES (Ukr) "Dying Emotions Domain" Digi $6.500 (Negative Existence)
ASTROFAES (Ukr) "The Eyes of the Beast" Digi $6.500 (Negative Existence)
ATOMICIDE (Chi) "Rawsouthamericanwarmetal" $5.000 (Old Temple)
AVSKY "Malignant" $6.000 CD (Moribund)
AYPHEROS (Chi) "Ascendet Novissima Tua" $6.000
AZRAEL "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" CD (Moribund) $6.000
AZRAEL "Obdurate / Unto Death" CD (Moribund) $6.000
AZRAEL "Act III: Self... Act IV: Goat" 2xCD (Moribund) $7.000
BARBARIAN "Cult Of The Empty Grave" $8.500 (Hell Headbangers)
BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (Can) "Visions of the Scourge" $7.000 (Dark Descent)
BESATT (Pol) "Black Mass" $6.000 (Undercover)
BESATT (Pol) "Demonicon" $6.000 (Undercover)
BESATT (Pol) "Hail Lucifer" $6.000 (Undercover)
BESATT (Pol) "The Unholy Trinity: Part 1 - Unfather" $6.000 (Seven Gates of Hell)
BESTIAL WARLUST (Aus) Satan Fist $6.000 (Hell Headbangers)
BILSKIRNIR (Ger) "Wotansvolk" $6.500 (Hammer of Damnation)
BITTER PEACE (USA) "Opus II" $6.000 (Moribund)
BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY (USA) "Crucible Of The Infernum" $7.000 (Hell Headbangers)
BLASPHERIAN (USA) "Allegiance to the Will of Damnation / Summoning of Infernal Hordes" $7.000 (Deathgasm)
BLASPHERIAN (USA) "Demos" $6.000 (Compilation of Death)
BLACK DRAUGHWATH (Russ) "The True Bottomless Armageddon" (pre-Black Death) $6.000 (Heiden Hart)
BLACK HORNED "Dark Season" $6.000 (Undercover)
BLACK WITCHERY (USA) "Upheaval Of Satanic Might" CD $7.500 (Hell Headbangers)
BLACK WITCHERY (USA) "Inferno Of Sacred Destruction" CD + DVD $8.500 (Hell Headbangers)
BLACK WITCHERY/REVENGE "Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom split CD $8.000 (NWN)** Nuevo
BLEEDING FIST (Slo) "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" $5.000 (Moribund)
BLIZZARD (Ger) "The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon" $7.500 (Undercover)
BLOOD HAMMER (Fin) "The Passion of the Devil" CD (Primitive Reaction) $6.000
BLOOD HAMMER / BLACK BEAST (Fin) "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" CD (Primitive Reaction) $6.000
BLOOD RITUAL (USA) "Black Grimoire" Digibook $7.000 (Moribund)
BOOK OF BLACK EARTH (USA) "The Feast" $7.000 (20 Buck Spin)
BURIAL HORDES (Gre) "12 years of war and revenge" $6.000 (Those Oppossed)
BURIAL HORDES (Gre) "Incendium" $ $8.000(Hellthrasher) ** Nuevo
CAULDRON BLACK RAM (Aus) "The Poisoner"Digi $7.000 (Abysmal Sounds)
CATACUMBA (Bra) "Kratos"$5.000 (Fallen Angel)
CELESTIAL BLOODSHED (Nor) "Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed" $6.000 (Moribund)
CEMETERY LUST 'Orgies Of Abomination" CD $6.000 (Hell Headbangers)
COFFIN CURSE (Chi) "Into the Dark" $5.000 (Apocalyptic)
COUNTESS (Hol) "Sermons Of The Infidel" $ 7.500 (New Era)** Nuevo
CHAOS INVOCATION "In Bloodline With The Snake" $6.000
CORPUS CHRISTII (Port) "Tormented Belief"$6.000 (Undercover)
CORPUS CHRISTII (Port) "Rising" $6.000 (Moribund)
CRAVEN IDOL (UK) "Towards Eschaton" $7.000 (Dark Descent)
DEATH VOMIT (Chi) "Gutted By Horror" $6.000 (Xtreem)
DEATHMOOR (Russ) "Opus Morte III" $6.000 (Daemon Worship)
DECAYED (Port)"Chaos Underground" CD $6.000 (Blackseed)
DECAYED (Port) "The Ancient Brethren" CD $6.000 (Blackseed)
DECAYED (Port) "Unholy Demon Seed" CD $6.000 (Iron Blood Death Corp)
DECAYED / DARKNESS (Port/It) "United in Blasphemy" Split CD $6.000 (Aphelion)
DECREPITAPH (USA) "Forgotten Scriptures - The Collection" $7.000 (Selfmadegod Records)
DEMONOMANCY "Supremacy through Intolerance" CD $6.000 (Supremacy Through Intolerance)
DENOUNCEMENT PYRE (Aus) "World Cremation" $7.000 (Hell Headbangers)
DESTRÖYER 666 (Oz)"Wildfire" $7.500 (Rawforce)
DEVASTATOR "Nocturnal Slut"$6.000 (Old Temple)
DR. SHRINKER (USA) "Grotesque Wedlock" $ 8.500 (Necroharmonic)
DRAWN AND QUARTERED (USA) "Merciless Hammer of Lucifer" $6.500 (Moribund)
EN CARNE MUERTA (Ven) "Necrovirosis" $6.000 (Necronausea)
ENVENOMED (Chi) ""Maleficent Supreme Incarnation" $6.000 (Ind)
ETERNAL THIRST (Chi) "Meatlheads To The Grave" $5.000 (Ind)
EXTERMINIO (Chi) "Proclamando El Exterminio" $5.000 (Apocalyptic)
FORCE OF DARKNESS (Chi) "Darkness Revelation" CD $8.000 (Hell Headbangers)
FUNERAL GOAT (Hol) "Mass ov Perversion" $6.000 (Daemon Worship)
FUNEREAL MOON (Mex) "Goat Of The Necro Abyss" $6.000 (Utterly Somber)
FRONT BEAST (Ger) "Wicked Wings Of Wartjalka" $6.500 (Undercover)
GHOULGOTHA "The Deathmass Cloak" $8.500 (Dark Descent)
GOATZIED (Chi) "Hueste Encabrizada" $5.000 (Veins Full Of Wrath)
GOLEM (Ger) "Eternity - The Weeping Horizons / The 2nd Moon" $ 9.000 Cd doble (FDA Rekotz)
GRAFENSTEIN (Ger) "Silence Endless"$6.000 (Black Hate)
GRAVELAND (Pol) "Following The Voice Of Blood" $8.000 (Forever Plagued)
GRAVESITE (It) "Horrifying Nightmares" $7.000 (Xtreem)
GRAVEWÜRM (USA) "Into Battle" $7.500 (Barbarian Wrath)
GRAVEWURM "Blood Of The Pentagram" CD $6.000 (Hell Headbangers)
HELLVETRON "Death of Seven Hells and It's Infernal Majesties" Digi $8.500 (Hell Headbangers)
HOODED MENACE (Fin) "Effigies Of Evil" $ 8.000 (Relapse)
HORDA PROFANA (Arg) "Fornicators Of Jesus Christ" $6.000 (Sons of Hell Prod)
HOTH (Port) "The Black Goddess Return" CD $6.000 (Iron Blood Death Corp)
I SHALT BECOME "Requiem" $6.000 (Moribund)
IN AETERNUM (Swe) "Dawn of a New Aeon" $6.000 (Agonia)
IN AETERNUM (Swe) "No Salvation" Digi $5.000 (Agonia)
INFERNO (Czech) "Nikdy Nepokrteni" CD $6.000 (Death To Mankind)
INVEHERTEX (Chi) "Hacia el Vórtice" $6.000 (Ind)
IMMORTAL (Nor) "Pure Holocaust" $6.000 (Rawforce)
INFAME (Chi) "No hay Quien Nos Salve" "6000 (Manifectation)
INFIDEL "Bloody Horns Of Wrath" $6.000 (Old Temple)
INVOCATION SPELLS (Chi) "The Flame Of Hate" $6.000 (Suicide Records)
INTENEBRAS (Chi) "Occultum Regnum Et Umbras" $6.000 (Satanic)
KULT "Winds of War" $6.000 (Debemur Morti)
LEVIAL (Esp) "Possesion of a Divine Soul" $6.500 (Sevared)--pre Ouija
MEGIDDO (Can) "The Atavism Of Evil" $ 7.500 (Barbarian Wrath)
MOONBLOOD (Ger) "Blut & Krieg / Sob A Lua Do Bode" CD $10.500 (Misanthropic)** Nuevo
MOONBLOOD (Ger) "Dusk Woerot / Taste Our German Steel CD $10.500 (Misanthropic) **Nuevo
MORTIFIER (It) "Darkness My Eternal Bride"$6.000 (Natura Morta Edizioni)
MUTIILATION (Fra) "Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)" $8.500 (Drakkar)
MUSTA KAPPELI "Saatanassa Ulvoneet" MCD $6.000 (Primitive Reaction)
MYRDDRAAL (Aus)"Surrounded By Unlight" $6.000 (Abysmal Sounds)
MYSTIFIER (Bra) "Tormenting The Holy Trinity" $ 6.000(Warfuck)
NECROGOD "The Inexorable Death Reing" CD $6.000 (Iron Blood Death Corp)
NECROPLASMA (swe) "Sit Gloria Domini Insecvlvm" $6.000 (Death To Mankind)
NERGAL (Gre) "De Vermis Ceremonielle" $6.000 (Thou Shall Kill)
NEUTRON HAMMER (Fin) "Iron Storm Evocation" (Primitive Reaction) $7.500
NOCTURNAL TORMENT (USA)"They Come At Night" $7.000 (Deathgasm)
NOCTURNAL VOMIT Cursed Relics" CD $8.000 (Kill Yourself)
NOCTURNUS (USA) "The Science Of Horror" CD $8.500 (NWN)** Nuevo
NUCLEARHAMMER "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" $5.000 (NWN)
OCCIDENS (Chi) "Glorification of the Antichrist" (Deathgasm) $6.000
OPERA IX (It) "The Call Of The Wood" $8.500 (Peaceville)
OPERATION WINTER MIST "Imperial Grand Strategy" CD $6.000 (Die Todesrune)
ORGY OF FLIES/ANCESTRAL TERROR (Bra) "Bacchanals Of Horror" Split $8.000 (Necronausea)
PEST (Ger) "Nekrolog" 2xCD $7.000 (Fallen ngel)
PRIMEVAL MASS/IASMA (Gree)"Transcendence" Split $6.000 (Satanic)
REVENGE/BLACK WITCHERY ""Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom split CD $8.000 (NWN)** Nuevo
RESUSCITATION (Bel) "There Will Be Darkness" $6.500 (Deathrune)
ROOT (Czech) "The Temple in The Underworld" $7000 (Canometal)
SANGUIS IMPEREM In Glory We March Towards Our Doom CD $8.000 (Hell Headbangers)
SKULL (Col) "Metal To The Bone" $5.000 (Warfuck)
SKULL (Col) "Beer Metal Spikes" $5.000 (Uterly Somber)
SKULL (Col) "Collection Of Craniums-The Worst Of Skull" $5.000 (Warfuck)
SIASKEL (Chi) "Jatenentolpen Thejin" $4000 (Ind)
SUPREMACIA SATANICA (Col) "La Victoria Del Imperio Satanico" $6.000 (Bloodstained)
SUPREMACIA SATANICA (Col) "Iluminando El Sombrío Sendero de la Existencia" $6.000 (Bloodstained)
SVARTHYMN (Swe) "Svarthymn" $5.000 (Heiden Hart)
THORNSPAWN/KILL United in Hells Fire" split CD $8.000** Nuevo
ULVDALIR “Sacral Chalice of Foundations” (Satanic) $6.000
VALEFAR (Chi) "Abominate The Temple Of Misery" CD (Iron Goat)
VALEFAR/AUSTRAL (Chi) "...And The New Age Of Darkness Shall Rise In Hate" Split $5.000 (Tyrannus)
VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum" Digipack MCD $6.000 (Debemur Morti)
VERMIN "Plunge Intyo Oblivion" $6000
WAR ATROCITIES "Necromantical Legions" MCD $7.000 (Witches Brew)
WEAPÖNIZER "Weaponizer" CD $6.000
WINTERNIGHT "Pestilenz" $6.000


BLACK FEAST (Fin) "Laneruf Jubileum" $14.000 (NWN)
CATACOMBS "In the Depths of R’lyeh" Picture Disc Doble $14.000 (Moribund)
GOAT TORMENT (Bel) "Into The Mouth Of The Serpent"7´´ep $5.000 (Bleak Bone Mortualia)
MYTHOS (Fin) "Pain Amplifier" $14.000 (Nuclear Winter)
NECHBEYTH (Sing) "Blood. Axis.Domination" $14.000 (NWN)
ROOT (Czech) "Heritage of Satan" $13.000 (Agonia)
SACRIFICIO (Per) "Sacrificio" Mlp $14.000 (NWN)
WAR ATROCITIES / WHIPSTRIKER Struck By Warwhip Split 7"ep $7.000 (Witches Brew)


AGONYCIOUS (Chi) "Eclipse" $3.500 (Manto Negro)
BEHEAD (Chi) "Awakening Of A Murderous Soul" $3.500 (Street Metal Blasphemy)
DERANGED (Chi) "Defacing World" $3.500 (Underground Defenders)
DEMOLITION STEEL (Chi) "There Is No Hope Just Decay" $3.000 (Street Metal Blasphemy)
DESOLATOR (USA) "Infernal Desolation" $2.500 (Metaltifus)
DESOLATOR (USA) "The Bells Ninth Chime" $2.500 (Metaltifus)
DISEMBOWEL (Chi) "Act Of Invocation" $3.500 (Morbid Rites)
HELLISH (Chi) "Theurgist´s Spell" $3.000  (Street Metal Blasphemy)
LACRA (Chi) "Imperio de Cuervos" $4.000 (Manifectation)
LORD OF PAGATHORN (Fin) "Msilihporcen" $3.500 (Satanic)
MASSIVE POWER (Chi) "Massive Power" $3.500 (Alcoholic)
MASSIVE POWER (Chi) "Spiral Of Violence" $3.500 (Alcoholic)
MAZE OF TORMENT/TREPANACION Split Tape $2.500 (Metaltifus)
MOSHINGUN (Chi) "Mighty Thrashing Metal" $2.500 (Metaltifus)
NECROLATRIA (Chi) "Revelation Of The Primal Evil" $2.500 (Street Metal Blasphemy)
NECRORIPPER (Chi) "From Darkness" $3.500 (Underground Defenders)
OCCULTUM (Chi) "Ceremonia Oculta Primitiva" $4.000 (Manifectation)
RIPPER (Chi) "Fatal Memories" Tape Ep $2.500 (Metaltifus)
ROTTEN MALEFICE (Chi) "En Los Brazos de La Muerte" $3.500
SANGRIA (Chi) Demo (incluye chapita) $4.000 (Manifectation)
SANGRIA (Chi) "Renaces de las Cenizas" $4.000 (Manifectation)
SAVAGE AGGRESSION (Col) "Demon´s Attack" $2.500 (Metaltifus)
SINS OF THE DAMNED (Chi) "Death´s All Around You" $3.500 (DTP)
STORMDARK (Chi) "Behind The Witchcraft" $4.500 (Veins Full Of Wrath)
UNDER FIRE (Chi) "Words of A Silent Death" $2.500 (Street Metal Blasphemy)
VANDAL (Chi) "Ciudad del Terror" $2.500 (Street Metal Blasphemy)
VENUS TORMENT (Chi) "Espiral Infinito" $2.500 (Metaltifus)
VENUS TORMENT (Chi) "The Overdose Of Suffering" $3.500 (Underground Defenders)
VULTURINE (Bra) "The Signs Engraved in the Harshclouds" $2.500
TORMENTO (Chi) "Maldito Heavy Metal" $3.000 (Underground Defenders)

NECROMANTIC FORCES (Chi) "Infernal Evocation" $2.000
WEAPON CONQUEST "For Evil For Metal" $2.000 (Street Metal Blasphemy)


BY THIS AXE I RULE III (Escrita en inglés. Brutality, Anatomia, Insepulto, Desecresy, Demonic Rage, etc) $3.500
GOAT PENETRATOR ZINE Nº5 (Escrita en español. Imprecation, Doombringer, Demonomancy, Valefar, Butamacho, Katechon, Gnosis, etc) $4.000
RITES OF DAMNATION II (Escrita en español. Ataúd, Batallion, Bloody Vengeance, Denial of God, Evil Madness, Vultur, Ysengrin, Hades Archer, etc) $3.500
SACRILEGE Nº III (Escrita en español e inglés. Putrefactio, Necros Christos, Temple Desecration, Devotion, Exterminio, Nekromanteion, Venefixion) $2.500
SOD 22 (Escrita en inglés, incluye cd. Bolt Thrower, Lord Belial, Azaghal, Manegarm, Avulsed)
SOD 23 (Escrita en inglés, incluye cd. Surrender of Divinity, Celtic Frost, Witchery, Bestial Mockery)